Saturday, November 18, 2006

Key Stories (11/15/06 - 11/18/06)

Bush's Chernobyl Economy; Hard Times are on the Way --Dissident Voice

A bigger economy doesn't always buy happiness --The Los Angeles Times (Yes, the LA Times!)

Young Barrowers Face A Life of Debt --AlterNet

Military may ask $127 billion for wars --USA Today

The Project for a 'New Middle East' --Global Research

Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Election Hacked --OpEd News

Reviewed: Peter Lance's 9/11 Masterpiece --Truth Out (Jason Leopold takes interest in the Ali Mohammed story but fails to connect the dots. Ali Mohammed did not "infiltrate" or "hoodwink" U.S. intelligence. He was a CIA operative! That is how he accomplished 'his most stunning achievements'. )
"...Lance writes, Mohamed kept quiet about "his most stunning achievements," including how he avoided being caught in a State Department Watch List, enlisted in the US Army and was stationed at the same base where the Green Berets and Delta Force undergo training, and wooed a Silicon Valley medical technician, whom he married. In the courtroom, Mohamed, fluent in four languages, "didn't say a word about how he'd moved in and out of contract spy work for the CIA and fooled FBI agents for six years as he smuggled terrorists across US borders, and guarded the tall Saudi billionaire who had personally declared war on Americans: Osama bin Laden," Lance writes.

...Remarkably, Mohamed was never sentenced for the crimes he pleaded guilty to. He is in the witness protection program, his existence shrouded under a veil of secrecy."

UK 'ignored spy's al-Qaeda fear' --BBC News (Go here for more.)

U.S. identifies al-Qaida leader as key informant --Associated Press (Go here for more.)

Gonzales: Definition of 'freedom' is grave threat to U.S. security --CNN

Police state roundup! --AlterNet

Scientists: More research needed to balance food, energy needs
--The Associated Press

Oil sands global warming threat, report says
--The Calgary Sun


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