Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Key Stories (11/14/06)

The Highjacking of a Nation, Part 1: The Foriegn Agent Factor --Sibel Edmonds (NSWBC)

US is top purveyor on weapons sales list --The Boston Globe

Corporate and Government Looting of the Gulf Coast --Truth Out

The Bush Administration's Trojan Horse: Robert Gates --Online Journal

Cleric Details CIA Abduction, Egyption Torture --The Washington Post
"His captors offered a deal: They would allow him to return to Italy if he agreed to become an informant. Nasr said he refused. As a result, he said, he was interrogated and physically abused for the next 14 months in two Cairo prisons."
Immigrants may be held indefinitely, may not challenge imprisonment --The Associated Press

Former CIA chief: 'Oil dependence threatens US, Israel' --The Jerusalem Post

Oilsands threaten water supply in Saskatchewan --Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


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