Saturday, October 14, 2006

Round up...

Sowing the Seeds of Fascism in America --Stan Goff via Truthdig

Will Google Take the Internet Over the Cliff --Alternet
"...Web activists envision a medium that will always support social change and can serve as a platform to distribute diverse points of view. But if the economic relationships between the old and new media are allowed to dominate online culture, what guarantees do we have that the Internet will continue to be the 'people's' medium?..."
The Peak Oil Crisis: Turning Points --Tom Whipple

Shiites Accused of Using Dirty Tricks --The Associated Press
"Sunni politicians accused Shiite lawmakers Thursday of using dirty tricks to push through a new law on federalism, a landmark measure that will transform Iraq by allowing Shiites to form a self-rule mini-state in the south. ..."
NATO backs Pakistan deal with Taliban --The Australian

Despite Critics, Pakistan May Expand Tribal Deal --National Public Radio

Documents Reveal Scope of U.S. Database on Antiwar Protests --The New York Times

Report Says Nonprofits Sold Influence to Abramoff --The Washington Post

Scandal Grows Over Backdating Of Options --The Washington Post
"The heads of three well-known technology companies (Cnet, McAfee, & Monster) lost their jobs this week... The three are the latest of at least 135 companies to acknowledge or be investigated for backdating stock options..."
AP, networks sue over new laws banning exit polling in Fla., Nev. --The Associated Press

Video: GOP 'uses evangelicals for their votes' --Raw Story, YouTube


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