Saturday, October 07, 2006

White House worried terror ops will be exposed

The Bush Administration is apparently nervous that their proxy operations in Iran will soon be publicly exposed. Iran's Fars News Agency reports:
"...Asked why the US State and Defense Secretaries have refrained from attending a congress meeting to reveal whether the US army has initiated to lunch any illegal operations inside Iran, he (State Department spokesman Curtis Cooper) said he was not informed of the issue, adding that no reason has been mentioned by the two US Secretaries for their absence from the 'Growing Terrorist Threats' Committee of the congress.

Several congressmen have so far called on the US State and Defense Secretaries officials to brief the congress about the army's operations inside Iranian soil, but each time officials of the US administration have refrained from attending the meeting.

A retired US colonel recently said in a TV interview that the reason underlying absence of the Defense and State Secretaries officials in such meetings pertains to the White House worries about the disclosure of the illegal operations of the US army inside Iran and the army's use of the anti-revolutionary Mojahedin-e Khaq Organization (MKO) in the reconnaissance operations on the Iranian soil. ..."
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