Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Round up...

(Note: I do not endorse ALL of the conclusions and opinions expressed in the articles posted here each day. These articles are posted because I believe each source presents valuable information and a unique perspective. When it comes to 9/11 research in particular, there is enough room for everybody, including Michael Ruppert, Daniel Hopsicker, Peter Lance, and the '9/11 Truth Movement' as a whole, despite the feuds among them.)

THE 9/11 HEROIN CONNECTION --Daniel Hopsicker

Pakistan signs pact with pro-Taleban militants --Reuters

Pakistan: Osama bin Laden will not be captured if he agrees to live a 'peaceful life' --ABC, Raw Story

Why is President Bush's Brother Hanging Out with an alleged Russian Mobster? --Jazz from Hell

The 9/11 Commission: A Play on Nothing in Three Acts --NSWBC

World War III more likely from oil grabs than radical Islam --Augusta Free Press

Urgent action is needed to avert the looming oil wars --Financial Times (Michael Meacher)

Iraqi Parliament to Debate Federal Break-Up --AFP

What Valerie Plame Really Did at the CIA --The Nation (David Corn)


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